Woman spring 2017 Ready to wear fashion show.

The fall and spring fashion show to display the seasons' collection is currently going on, I deiced to show you guys some interesting pictures of ready to wear outfits and their designers, so you could see what the treads of 2017 would be. If you visit a lot of retail stores, you may have noticed that they are trends that majority of them have in common and that is because they adopt some ideas of a designers runway collection ans in-cooperate it into their cloths.

Designer: Miu Miu


          The fact that they look like reworked pajamas adds to their charm.

Designer: Each x Other

                                  Designer:Barbara Bui

                               Designer: Ulyana Sergeenko 

  • Designers continue to look to the past for inspiration, from the Victoriana era through to the 1940s and 1970s, revealing a return to ladylike dressing. Analytics show an increase in dresses, jackets and suits, and there is a notable shift towards longer lengths, long sleeves and waist focus 
                             Designer:Stella McCartney 

                                         Designer: Tibi


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