Hello gorgeous people. Last week on my blog i posted a topic on loving yourself. This week, i will be talking about self approval. It is important we get to approve our self and not wait for others to approve of us. we need to fully accept our self, learn to be confident in who we are. Get focused on what you are doing right and what you do have instead of what you are doing wrong and what you don’t have. Remember: "you are unique and special in your own way. Every one has a distinct quality that no one else has". Fashion and blogging has helped me to grow my confidence, and it has a way of putting someone out there without minding what people say. Don't wait for people to approve of you.  #Beyou.                                   
Blazer: Thirfted 
T shirt; Mans Zara t shirt
Shoe; Zara


  1. Melissa Walraven3 May 2018 at 04:58

    I'd love to participate in Come Along Tours, if you organize in the nearest future something like this. It would be awesome to follow your style and everything.


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