Hello lovies , its been a while I've been here. With school and work taking so much of my time, I've been unable to follow up with you guys; but, today i decide to drop some per-fall outfit for  you guys. decided to style my lovely jacket from forever 21, pants:Ardene sunshade: Aldo and shoe: unbar outfitters. In the past few months i have added a lot of wight (lol...) and i got a lot of people calling me fat but, the most interesting thing is that adding a bit of skin just gave me more beauty. I love who i am now and i love who am going to be in the future. There is nothing more rare, neither is there anything more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetic about who she is . Being comfortable in your perfect imperfection, to me that's the true essence of beauty. 
                                 Love your body babies and own it .


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