2) Cut yourself from the pressure to be perfect.


"Not that i have already obtained it or have become perfect, but i press on so that i may lay hold of that for which also i was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.

As chirstians and believers our perfection comes from our lord Jesus. I might not be the best person to say this cause am guilty also but, the truth is we need to protect ourselves from the pressure of being perfect. Giving in to that pressure, will only bring us low self esteem. You know why? It's cause no one can be perfect. We can only be the best versions of ourself. To desire perfection is not a bad idea but you have to be wise about it. The bible says wisdom is the principal thing. Also, you should know that no body shape is perfect. You might be seeing a "slim girl" that your dying to be like but all she wants is to add weight. Or a thick girl who is busty with a big ass and all that....., but hates her body because her stomach is not flat enough, or her face is not smooth enough. Yet someone will see her and say wow i wish i can be like her. There no need to starve yourself and exercise like crazy just cause u want to look like someone else. We all have different body types and sometimes, no amount of exercise can take that away. You should just eat well and exercise to be healthy, and be the best version of yourself. God loves you for you. Thats what is important. Forget about what the world says and just love yourself. No one else can do a better job.

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