Bodysuit: Fashion voice

Normality is a lifestyle I have tried living so many times but, it did not work out. This is because in all aspect of my life I am made different from everyone else, and the same goes for everyone out there. While growing up I knew I was meant for greater things. Thing's that required me to live differently from what the world calls perfect, or what the world calls normal. It can be really difficult when it seems like you're the odd one in a room full of people but, with God all things are possible. The secret to my successful journey is just God. Without him I know I won't be where I am now.

The truth is, it is okay to be different from what the world wants you to be. A lot happens to us in life that forces us to change who we really are or what we believe in because, of the fear of criticism or being looked at differently; as a result, we conform to the person our surrounding wants us to be. If you were ever teased or criticized for being who you are then that's good we cant be like others. If you're happy with the way you are, that's all that matters. Do you know the most amazing thing? You have qualities that only you possess. Yes, people can have same talents like you do but, the unique ideas and creativity you have changes that similarity to something the world has never seen before. Don't let people's judgement that comes from their insecurities because they see how great you can become, keep you from reaching your full potential. You will only end up like them. Why do you crave to be like others when God has called you to be different? Do not conform to this world!!!

Bodysuit: Fashion voice
Skirt: Fashion voice


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