Self empowerment

This is an event put together by fashion voice to inspire people who are creative and
motivate to do what they love, the event would discuss the importance of skills, values, information and Goals. This is going to be a powerful conversation on self discovery and empowerment. Starting a business and going for what you love could be one of the most challenging times in life; it is hard and it doesn't get any easy,  and that is where self discovery comes in because as you move though every stage in life, you grow as an individual and as a brand. You may not always be the best in your field and that could lead to loss of confidence, self doubt and sometimes mental stress, but taking time out to plan, prioritize and discover what you want is a form of growth, your only competition in life should be yourself, compering yourself with others is never heath both physically and mentally and only holds you back from growth and self discovery; Everybody has something unique to offer to the world and rather than change who you are or what you love to please others, channel the energy into growth, being empowered, supporting and inspiring others.

This event is created to meet and network with people as well inspire, motivate and encourage
people, in their different fields and stages of life.

If you are already a Blogger, youtuber, event planner, a dreamer or even a business
owner who wants to learn more for yourself this is an event for you.

In this event we will be having speakers tell us how they started their business,
what struggles they have faced and how they overcome them.
How they broke through the mindset of the impossible.

We will be talking on how to get started with your business and every creative
 ideal you have.

What to take away after the Event

*Get to know more  about self empowerment and self discovery.
*Becoming more aware of yourself as a unique individual.
*Developing confidence and strength to set goals and fulfill potential.
*How to get started in every cretiving ideal you have.
*People getting to the knowledge of who they are not minding which level you are in life, that you are worth something.
*developing confidence and self esteem.


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